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On today’s episode, Jennifer is back talking about the challenges of traveling during the summer and vacation and nutrition hacks you can use, plus how to get back on track once you get pulled off course! Download File

Jennifer is Ridiculously Amazing on today’s show as she recounts her own weight loss struggles due to child birth and how developing new habits can get you on your way to a happier healthier you! Download File

Jennifer Wolfe is back on this episode talking about exercise, the importance of having a coach to be accountable to and how to stick to your plan even when on vacation! Download File

On today’s episode Jennifer talks about her coaching program and detoxing programs that help jump start your body, lose weight and ramp up your energy. Download File

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Jennifer Wolfe, MS, CSCS, CPT-PMA has over two decades of experience transforming lives through fitness, pilates and nutrition. I’m passionate about guiding and coaching clients to achieving their health-related goals. My mission is to help people become ridiculously amazing in fitness, nutrition and life! It’s been amazing to work with a variety of clients from […]

Stephanie Wolfe has earned the title of National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC) from the NBME. She works with clients individually or in groups through a step-by-step process using advanced coaching methods, offering resources and tools to support them throughout the entire health journey. Her personally designed programs, real life experience, and love […]