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Dr Becky Mulkern 8/19/19

My name is Becky Mulkern. I grew up in Massachusetts and moved north to the mountains of NH in my 20”s. I have lived and worked in New Hampshire as a mother of three boys, a ski instructor, counselor, author and as a Licensed Naturopathic Doctor for over 37 years. I am very fortunate to work in a profession that I love. My focus is to inspire and teach my clients and those around me to live the healthiest, most joyful and most compassionate life possible. As an intuitive individual, I have always made choices that are for my own best interests as well as those around me.

I am a lover of nature, so I am fortunate that I spend a lot of time outside hiking, gardening and relaxing outdoors. I care deeply about the health of the natural world as well as that of my own. Life is precious to me. I live holding gratitude in my heart and mind for life and everything that I have. I am truly blessed!

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Reclaiming your Life and your Health

Our bodies are a sacred gift

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