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Dr Susanne Joy Stuart 02/15/19

I began an interest in health and exercise as early as eight years old, when I first began going to Vic Tanny’s health club gym with my parents.  I usually chose healthier foods more so than any of my other family members.

In my early twenties I discovered vegetable juicing  suggested in N. Norman Walker’s books.

In my mid twenties, I met Jack La Lanne when I was employed in one of his health clubs on LI. I learned about Jack’s nutritional plans and educated clients as well as taught exercise classes in the gym. Throughout the decades, I independently researched and studied nutrition and health.

Eventually, after more years, I completed my  training and testing as a Massage Therapist and received my Massage Therapy license followed up with Sports and Medical Massage plus numerous additional varied MT training. Later I received my MT Instructor license. I was self employed as a MT and created a Sports Massage Team to assist professional and “weekend” athletes at various events.  A few years later I trained and received my Colon Hydrotherapy certification and national I-ACT.

Hungering for greater insight and knowledge, I desired for more in-depth healing modalities and enrolled in all the MyoFascial Release Therapy courses throughout the country.  Finally, with income saved, I returned to college to receive my doctorate in Naturopathy. desired

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