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Dr. William James Cunningham 4/4/19

Bill and Patricia Cunningham established White Dove Healing Arts in 1990 with one objective: to provide the people of the planet with alternatives for healing the body, mind and spirit.

In fact, even the name “White Dove” was chosen for its extraordinary significance. “White”, was originally derived from Patricia’s maiden name, Wyss, which means “white” in German, while “Dove” was selected to reflect the guidance from the Holy Spirit.

This unification therefore symbolized the Cunningham’s obligation: to guide their clients to health with wisdom, purity and integrity.

Since 1990, White Dove Healing Arts, Ltd. has demonstrated a profound dedication to their clients, students and fellow clinicians by providing only the best in holistic care and education.

Choosing White Dove Healing Arts as your source for the finest in Quantum Biofeedback and Homeopathic Healing is the first step to enhancing your wellbeing, the health of your clients, and growing a steadfast and profitable practice.

Our knowledgeable practitioners collaborate with you, helping to resolve your own unique health challenges and reach your health goals. We use only the latest in Quantum Biofeedback Technology, along with a Homeopathic Repertoire that has been unparalleled since its foundation in 1980. Plus, with our network of phenomenal holistic practitioners, you can also have access to other alternatives for your individual health or client needs.

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White Dove Healing Arts

Health with Wisdom, Purity, and Integrity

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