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Levanah Shell Bdolak 5/17/19

Levanah Shell Bdolak is, a Spiritual Counselor, a motivational speaker, an author, a teacher and one of the founders of the Clearsight Center, created in April of 1980. She is also the Archbishop of the Church of the Divine Within. Clearsight presents EVOLVING, the newest American Meditation and Clairvoyant Transcendence a Program that evolves you to having access to your higher knowledge and awareness.

Levanah travels nationally and internationally demonstrating how to shift your consciousness in an easy practical manner. She has taught 35 of her 13 month long Clairvoyant Programs in Japan during the last twenty-four years and has also led healing seminars in France, England, Thailand and Hong Kong, and is the author of many self-help books in the U.S. and in Japan.

Levanah has shared clairvoyant and healing skills with doctors, nurses, physicists, therapists, masseuses, natural practitioners, and the power of energizing yourself through creative love with artists, executives, chefs, entertainers and housewives.

Levanah has taught thousands of students how to read the aura to show people how to release restrictions and energy that prevents you from attaining your highest goals and attaining a higher level of bliss and joy in your daily life. She has a track record of doing Clairvoyant and Psychic Readings since 1978 and sharing her wisdom and skills to enable people to find their best in their lives. Her Readings direct you to the immediate cause of a situation and how to release or change to create the best you. Experience the wonderment of connecting with your true self and enabling yourself to choose life as you wish to have it.

Currently Levanah practices personal spiritual counseling using the Core Release Concept and Clairvoyant Readings. She teaches programs in depth using Energy Healing to heal yourself and others, 13 month Transformational Clairvoyant Programs, and numerous short online workshops featuring the power of stones, GRIDS, and Manifesting Abundance in your life.

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