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Natalie Buchi 06/20/19

Natalie Buchi, E-RYT 500 is an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher, a student and practitioner of many styles of Yoga including Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Power, Kundalini, Forest Yoga, Anusara, Prenatal, Restorative Yoga, & Meditation, which she teaches yoga classes as well as trains future teachers to become Yoga teachers at her Yoga School, Mindful and Embodied. She is also an experienced and highly trained Bodyworker and can assist people in putting their skeleton back into place and educate the soft tissue to support the muscles to keep the body free of tangles. She has a lot of anatomy training and other skills that make her approach very unique and skillful.

Nats teaches what she practices. She has been practicing since 2000 and began teaching in 2005. She uses the Yoga practice in her life for many reasons. It is a way of living for her and as she continues to evolve with the practice daily, she realizes and accepts that it is ongoing and probably never ending. She is able to find peace, stability and direction in times of chaos and fear. She is not void of difficult life experiences. Her knowledge and depth shows in her overall demeanor and her passion really shines when she teaches, lectures or simply starts to talk about Yoga.
Nats is a creative, highly intuitive, empathetic and outgoing person. She is a musician and recently released her first studio album. She’s very theatrical and has a sharp sense of humor and does not hold anything back. She is a fantastic writer and public speaker and can address people in large numbers as well as hone in on individuals one on one. People work with her in many ways for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual growth. She lives her live freely and openly and is able to take on responsibilities and challenges that many find impossible and she is able to teach in a way that brings out that same innate quality in others. She loves working with people and being a part of their paths to bettering themselves and the world around them. She is easy to work with and holds space for anyone ready to take a look at themselves and start doing the work to create a more harmonious and healthy life.

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