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Pam Nori 3/28/19


Pam Nori, B.A., M.A., DHM, is a Homeopath who practices in Orillia, Ontario Canada.  She has a Master of Arts degree and a Diploma of Homeopathic Medicine DHM from the British Institute of Homeopathy.  Pam has been practicing Homeopathy for 25 years. 

Pam uses Homeopathic remedies and supplements to help her clients with emotional, mental and physical ailments.  Many of her clients have chronic health problems so she is used to working with complex issues.  Some of the health problems have included arthritis, anxiety, acne, digestive problems, fatigue, fibro myalgia, gout, inflammation, sinus problems, skin ailments, children‚Äôs ailments, women‚Äôs and men‚Äôs health and more. 

In 2007, when Pam was praying to Jesus, he gave her the gift of sight. Pam has incorporated this gift of healing into her practice for those who are interested.  It does not matter what religion her clients practice.  She uses a healing prayer which can be used for all.  When she prays over her clients either in her office or over the phone, Jesus shows her problems that need to be healed.  Thereafter, the client receives a healing which is either emotional, mental or physical.  It is Jesus who heals through her.  She is an instrument of his love, compassion and peace.   

Since 2013, Pam has written and recorded Christian Praise and Worship and Christian Pop songs.  Her lyrics are powerful and are designed to help heal her listeners.  Her songs can be found on Spotify, Itunes, Apple, Google Play, Deezer and other digital stores. 

Homeopathic consultations are conducted in person or on the phone.  See Pam‚Äôs website for further information

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