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SoLaMeé is the author of, “THE SPIRAL TO NOW: It’s a Journey of Awakening” copyright 2015 – 2017. She has expertise in the healing arts, multidimensional consciousness, intuition and meditation, encompassing thirty years of experience. SoLaMeé is a certified Matrix Energetics® advanced practitioner and Integrated Energy Therapy Master Instructor. She has taught and certified new practitioners in Integrated Energy Therapy.® Her healing sessions always address a pattern or health condition from the quantum state or energetic level in order to access possibilities for improvement. Each session calibrates the body hologram towards a higher vibration in consciousness.

SoLaMeé (Patricia Heneage) received a Bachelor’s degree in 1983. At this time she worked with adolescents in treatment facilities first in Illinois and later in Idaho, becoming a certified alcohol and drug counselor. Years later she became a case manager and psychiatric rehabilitation specialist primarily with adults. Her intuitive development began in her childhood and teen years. By the mid 1980’s she learned to do a form of past life regression therapy and intuitive readings. The ascended masters and the angels were familiar companions and channeled messages were common. With her years of advanced training in intuitive healing arts, as well as experience in mainstream helping professions, SoLaMeé is qualified to assist others with a wide array of health issues and challenges. To learn more about her work visit

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Quantum Consciousness and Healing Energetics

Accessing the fluid world of infinite possibilities

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