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Susan Bischak is a certified thermography technician, author, spirit communicator, past life regressionist, and has certifications in many holistic healing methods. She has embraced Eastern and Western philosophies about health and wellness emphasizing the interrelationship of the mind, body and spirit.

Susan’s approach to health is part science with thermographic imaging, and partly a blending of her many studies in metaphysical and alternative disciplines. Her studies are eclectic in order to find answers outside the mainstream approaches: herbal medicine, nutrition, kinesiology, energy healing modalities, and mind-body explorations. Eastern philosophy emphasizes that what is out of balance in your mind and spirit will immediately or eventually have a physical impact. The spiritual nature of her work is emphasized by her choice to become an ordained interfaith minister, study past life regression, and enhance her natural ability for spirit communication.

Susan is also the author of “Healing a Desperate Heart”, a memoir recounting her personal journey of recovering from the pain of hurtful relationships. It is a spirit-guided journey of forgiveness full of unusual synchronicities. She realized the lessons learned were a blueprint for emotional healing and were meant to be shared with the masses.

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