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Sylvaine Hughson 02/15/19

Sylvaine N. Hughson, an Executive Health & Lifestyle Coach®, is the Founder and Director of SNH The Art & Science of Optimized Living®. As the Principal Coach and Consultant for SNH, Sylvaine works closely with high-level professionals, performance-driven groups, and Fortune 500 companies. She helps her clients unleash the power of optimized mindset, wellness & lifestyle to fuel their Peak Performance and accomplish their most important goals.

Sylvaine has extensive training in High Performance and is a certified Corporate Wellness Consultant, Corporate Wellness Provider, Holistic Health Coach, Master Transformational Coach, Raw Living Foods Health Educator, FirstLine Therapy Lifestyle Educator, Professional Life Coach, Yoga Instructor, and Traditional Reiki Master. Sylvaine creates customized diet, lifestyle, and detoxification protocols for executive clients as well as designs corporate wellness programs and leads luxury wellness retreats.

As a former producer and field producer in New York City for NBC News: Dateline NBC, The Today Show, Nightly News and MSNBC Specials, Sylvaine understands the pressures and demands placed on individuals in the work-place and their need for exceptional performance. She originally pursued her various health trainings as a means to improve her own energy, endurance, and performance while under deadline. Sylvaine presents valuable health and wellness information in a format that is simple, practical and effective.

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