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Tammy Galyon 06/04/19

I am 45 years old and have 2 children. I have been through a lot of sickness in my life. I have learned natural ways of healing to help myself and now enjoy helping other people learn to do the same.

I believe with enough knowledge we can take control of our health in our own hands. Natural remedies should work with doctors not against them. I also believe in treating the symptoms and not just trying to cover it up with a pain pill.

I have studied and have certifications in the following

Nutritional Therapy Diploma

Nutritional Therapy Genetics Vs Hereditary Certification

Nutritional Therapy – Weight Loss Management Certification

Holistic Healing Through Herbs Certification

Herbology Diploma

Master Herbology Diploma

Ayurveda Diploma

I am currently working on the following certifications

Art Therapist

CBD Healing

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