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William Clum 02/05/2019




Through 30 years of seeking and experiencing many modalities of religion and spirituality, Bill Clum discovered his true, divine path. His journey from the mind to the heart was profound, experiencing the significant thresholds of awakening that one must move though in order to fully know the inner universe of the heart. Born in London, England in 1947 and moved to the U.S as a toddler, Bill’s childhood military family set the foundation from which he would grow. A certified Federal Aviation Agency technician who later moved into the automotive industry, Bill owned his own successful business for 30 years before turning his attention fully to helping others on the awakening path. Now living in San Diego, California, Bill is grateful to share his life with his wife Patricia, and their 6 children and 5 grandchildren.

Bill’s journey of awakening led him to be a mentor, a catalyst of awakening for others and a healer. He has studied relentlessly, finding his way alongside many gifted teachers. He has gained the appreciation for and developed skills across several modalities, beliefs, techniques and practices. Bill holds certifications as a Professional Intuitive, Chikara-Reiki-Do Master, Energetic Alchemy Practitioner and Universal Ministries Spiritual Minister, as well as credentials from the Accelerated School for Entrepreneurs. Furthering his understanding of the entire human cycle and to be able to support people through all its stages, Bill is in the process of obtaining certification as an End of Life Guide. Bill supports living beyond pain and suffering to embrace all emotion, to let go of resistance and to live in the present moment. With sensitivity, strength and skill, he facilitates working through levels of resistance; pain, grief and anger in order to guide people to there own divine nature. Beyond these wounds, we are able to discover the depths of self-acceptance and forgiveness. Together with Patricia, Bill helps you build a foundation, providing tools for strength in the emotional and spiritual domain, yielding flow and freedom to be who you have come here to be. A life of awakening is not one in which we never fall into a dark valley, it is one in which when we do fall, we have learned how to move through it. We develop emotional muscle in order to rise. It takes work to develop emotional muscle. This is the inner work of the soul.

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Evolution of the Heart

Evolution of the Heart

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