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Committment + Focus = Results

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Thousands of small business professionals for over twenty five years have been expertly guided to levels of success they never thought possible by MIND MASTERS founder, Barbara Eldridge. That’s because Barbara’s extensive leadership and management experience with nationally recognized multi-million dollar companies in her remarkable business career has made her a much sought after trainer, coach and strategist.

Founded in 1991, MIND MASTERS meets with Barbara at the helm of brainstorming teams and discussions focusing on the day-to-day challenges in an ever-changing business climate. She wanted MIND MASTERS to become their Advisory Board – a resource often not available by virtue of the fact that these are indeed ‘very small businesses’. In fact, Barbara has been influential in the launch of over 50 such product/service with her MIND MASTERS approach; and over 1000 businesses have reorganized, redirected and/or repositioned themselves with Barbara’s business advice and guidance.

MIND MASTERS success is testament in itself, however, it is inspiration that Barbara uses gracefully to assist others in achieving their business goals combined with her sincere belief in human potential. These aspects of her technique are consistently evident whether she is conducting seminars, quarterly planning workshops or giving keynote speeches before such professional groups, such as The Filipino American Chamber of Commerce, The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Networking Group, National Association of Female Executive’s For You Connection, Automotive Service Council, National Association of Professional Saleswomen, Independent Computer Consultants, San Diego Downtown Rotary, Women in Management or The Small Business Development Center.

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