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Discover Your Magical Destiny

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Among the Eyes of Time Stand All Minds of Knowledge

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Laurel Ann Browne is a Wayshower of truth, ancient wisdom and knowledge with over thirty five years of experience. She is a medium who combines higher knowledge, ancient astrology and kabbalah numerology (the esoteric meaning of numbers) to determine how they affect your spiritual journey and to help forecast your unique destiny. She is a Medical Intuitive, and helps people discover their health signatures in order to suggest correct action. She is not your ordinary psychic reader but has deep and profound abilities which she shares with every truth seeker she encounters.

Laurel Ann received the gift of Clairvoyance at birth; however she has also followed a supplementary course of rigorous study in religious history, advanced astrology, numerology, mythology, and has developed her own approach to psychology and alternative health. She has been certified as a hypnotherapist, holds a substance abuse counseling degree (CAC III), and a parent educator for parents of gifted, autistic and “Indigo” children as well as those of high risk youth.

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Show premieres Friday, August 30 at 3:30 pm EST!