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Clearing Your Energy Field

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Josephine Thomason is a healer, astrologer, and teacher.

Her path to becoming a healer was illuminated through her work with the earth. She has been a Permaculture teacher since 1995 with the Sonoran Permaculture Guild. Working physically with the land led to her a deep recognition and understanding of how to work with it energetically. In her work to energetically clear lands that had been desecrated and vandalized, it became very clear to her that one cannot heal the earth without healing her people.

Josephine began her healing work with people in 2003. Working energetically with people lead her to Massage School in 2005 to get her license to touch people. She also trained with Susan Sophia James in her two year sound healing program. She is a full mesa carrier in the lineage of the Q’ero Earthkeepers of the Andes through the year long Inka Medicine Wheel training. She then assisted with that program for the next five years. She has also studied with Christina Pratt, Jose Luise, Joan Parisi Wilcox and others.

Her astrological training began with deep interest in high school. She trained with Paul Reeder from 2003 until his death in 2010. She offers her classes in his honor.

Josephine uses a unique combination of techniques for each of her clients; healing at a physical, emotional, spiritual, and energetic level.
Josephine and Celia Blackwood are the founders of the Harmony Hut Healing Arts Cooperative which began in Tucson, Arizona in 2011. She and her family live in Tucson, where she offers her abilities as a healer of people and places, as a teacher of ceremony, and astrological interpreter and as an artist. She has always been an artist.

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