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Healing the Spirit & the Mind

with Debra Maria Carvalho

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Healing the Spirit & the Mind

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Even as a young child it was obvious that Debra was gifted. It’s always been her ambition to help those in need, and the life themes of a cause fighter, healer, and rescuer became apparent at a very early age.

Debra has dedicated her life to a cause she fiercely believes in: paying it forward. She is a strong advocate in the belief that a person’s behavior should be modified not only for the well-being of the individual, but for the betterment of our civilization, as well.

People who are at a pivotal point in their lives are continually drawn to her. Her clients tend to be those that are ready to face their fears, especially when they have the desire to improve their well-being in order to create a new and improved lifestyle. Debra helps them accomplish that desire, and is beside them every step of the way.

Since 2008 Debra has helped over 1,000 clients. As a student of Sylvia Browne’s Hypnosis Training Center, she dedicated herself to becoming a certified hypnotist. She then went on to complete her certifications as a Chikara Reiki-Do Master, a Divine Energy Flow Healer, an Angel Oracle/Tarot Card Reader, and an Ordained Minister.

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