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Health & Healing for This Time

with Vannette Keast

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Monday 3:30 pm 4:00 pm

How to stay healthy, naturally, in this time of fast pace & change

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Vannette Keast is an Intuitive and Empathic Healer. Twenty-four years in the field, twenty with her own clinic, her body of work has brought renewal and peace to thousands of individuals.

Born with a servant’s heart, she’s always heard messages, had visions, and has innately known information designed to assist others. Her first memory of this life is of being on the other side and asked if she would return to Earth for this time. Dedicated to her practice, a career spanning more than two decades, she has had the distinct honour to be part of many health success stories and miracles – more than six hundred people a year, worldwide, have engaged to become clients.

Outside her thriving practice in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada, Vannette spends time daily in nature; and enjoys playtime with granddaughters Tayla Rose and Tenley Grace, and grandson Benton.

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