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The Ultimate Body Energizer

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My name is Karen Saldanha and am the manufacturer and distributor of the Ionic S.P.A.  This is a body energizer that allows your body to dump more toxins and balances pH, ramps up the circulatory system, the lymphatic system and travels the neural pathways, to bring enough energy, through absorption of positive and negative ions, allowing the body at the cellular level to empty it’s own waste more completely to reduce inflammation and release toxins.

I use to be a audio/director operator in TV production for 13 years until I was in a car crash from a hit and run driver. I had paralysis and back surgeries, need long recovery and developed many health issues which got me looking into ways to improve my mobility and general health. I worked for and managed an arch support store for a number of years, because the arch supports gave me a lot more stability, and being me, that meant I was a believer and could easily sell. Then, I met the owner of Salus Per Aquam, Lynn Nelson (a man) at a Chamber of Commerce meeting, and he offered me a free ionic foot-bath session. And so it began.

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