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Exploring the Body Mind Spirit Complex

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Suzy Peltier, aka Lady Red Hawk has served the Lord and Lady, as well as the principle of Holism for over thirty years as a: Certified Massage Therapist; Hypnotherapist; Reiki Master Teacher; Shaman; Interfaith Minister with the Universal Life Church; Auxiliary Chaplain for UCSF Medical Center; Third Degree Wiccan Priestess, and founder of the Neo-Wiccan Tradition of Taoist Wicca.

With a background in Medical Anthropology and a degree in Holistic (Wholistic) Health, Suzy has pursued a burning question: “How is ritual used for healing?” Twenty-five years ago, she gathered a few friends together to run a unique spiritual and social experiment. She wondered if ritual could help to heal some of our modern ills. Why is this ancient and cross-cultural practice of ritual either severely diluted or virtually missing from modern culture? Could ritual help to restore the balance, belonging and empowerment missing in our current cultural values? This experiment evolved into the practice of Taoist Wicca, which continues today with practitioners and small circles across the U.S. and an E-Circle list offering an extended Wiccan community and Reiki prayer Circle to people across the globe. See

Her internet radio series called: Spiritually Speaking: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Needs can be found on and her videos can be seen on YouTube

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