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Understanding, Acceptance, Self-Control, Self-Sufficiency, and Happiness

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Florencia Larrain is a Mental Health professional that provides psychosocial services and is totally dedicated in assisting individuals reaching psychological and emotional balance.

Originally from Argentina, arrived to the US in 1980 after going through the experience of an unexpected sad divorce. Through tears and depression had worked first as a made until the severe eye condition that I started experiencing since my early childhood (side effect derived from a Poliomyelitis I suffered in 1941), I was referred to the Lighthouse for the blind in 1985 where I was found legally Blind and diagnosed with an RP .

The sharp depression and hopelessness I was going through at that moment required the immediate presence of a psychologist (Dr. Jacobson), who after a few sessions told me that I was born to become a psychologist.

I ended my training at the Lighthouse after 40 days and I began working for the Division of Blind Services in different cafeterias until one of the Division of Blind Services agent, Mr. Sullivan came to tell me that after four years of service I had achieved the highest grade of rehabilitation in Florida in 25 years.

Mr. Sullivan encouraged me to pursue a college degree and I entered Miami Date in august of 1989 where soon after the first semester, I become eligible for a scholarship.

I graduated first with a English /Spanish title of interpreter and translator in 1991 and had graduated with honors in the University of Miami with a Masters degree in Mental Health in 1997.

The interest and passion I was feeling towards assisting the needs of others inspired me to volunteer in the Help line where I ended graduating as a Crisis intervention counselor specialized in Domestic violence, suicide and homicide prevention.

At the same time, I became interested in neurofeedback while still at my Masters program in UM. This technique that Nasa had first created in the late 60th when some of the astronauts landed back with seizures it was order a research that resulted with the invention of this amazing technique. The same has the capacity to heal depression, anxiety as well as all kind of learning disabilities in addition to seizures disorders.

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