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How to Embrace Your Healing Journey While Owning a Business

with Donna Hammers

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You were assigned this mountain to show others it can be moved!

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Donna Hammers is a Licensed Massage Therapist, mother of six, and naturopathic healer whose continuing journey of learning and education has been the primary driver for both her personal growth and that of her business. In her late teens she was exposed to chiropractic healing, nutritional counseling, and massage therapy, and it set her on what turned out to be her own lifelong labor of passion. At the time, she intended to go into Nursing, but her exposure to these non traditional modalities helped her to realize that non-allopathic medicine had become intensely effective in her life.

As the owner of Trinity Massage and Wellness, Donna has created a peaceful and beautiful space where wellness consultants provide overall care to the clients body, sharing techniques and secrets from a variety of specialties which work to effectively treat the whole person and lead to complete care. Donna is particularly effective in aiding in the reduction of pain associated with childhood trauma; having experienced this herself she finds that she exudes a magnetism towards those who suffer from these issues, and is able to provide a safe space for them, where she can relate to them, as well as be a support and a witness.

Donna’s approach is always familial and encouraging, and she has structured her business after this fashion. She always strives to provide an environment in which her practitioners are able to grow, learn, and perform their services to the highest industry standards and the best of their abilities. She enjoys creating community, and facilitates support in anything she takes on, and this is immediately evident from both her business and her mindset.

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