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Hypnosis for Health, Happiness and Prosperity

with Byron Miki

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Byron Miki has been practicing hypnotherapy for 15 years. He helps his clients move efficiently on their healing journey. He often take a wholistic approach to therapy and support efforts in: diet, fitness, relationships, business, career, family, hobbies, and education. Even energy workers, spiritual teachers and other therapists benefit from sessions with Byron.

Born in North Bay Ontario Canada.1964 Grew up in a Toronto suburb. Both parents are third generation Japanese Canadians. I enjoyed sports and arts as a kid. Studied Anthropology and Economics at the University of Toronto. Became heavily involved in the student press. Started a property tax consulting business at age 25 and have been self employed ever since. Achieved great financial success and yet felt dissatisfaction and disappointment. So I started attending all the self help seminars and workshops. Studied extensively with Tony Robbins and still felt unfulfilled. It wasn’t until I started studying and practicing Hypnotherapy that I really felt some significant inner progress. Married and had two beautiful children. Still live with my wife in Kelowna BC, Canada. Looking forward to many new adventures.

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