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Medium, Trance Medium, and Spiritual Teacher

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Patty Horton is a Medium, Trance Medium, and Spiritual Teacher. She was born and raised in the State of Illinois and has done most of her work over the last 34 years from her home base. Her Travels have taken her to New York, California and Virginia Beach where she has taught workshops, performed live Mediumship demonstrations along with her other numerous projects. Medium Patty Horton’s passion for this work is evident to those who sit before her for a reading or within the walls of her classroom. It is the cloak of humility that she wears upon her shoulders that presents itself to the sitter or the student during your time together as she reads from a channeled perspective and teaches from a place of experience.  As you will come to see Patty draws from the Divine a healing vibration and is able to See, Hear and Feel Spirit as she connects with your Spirit Guides, Teachers and crossed over Loved One’s to share with you their messages. Patty also offers classes to teach those whom she is blessed to work with about Mediumship, Psychic Development, Love, Healing, Energy, Meditation, Reiki, Trance and more.  She is also a Published Author and her book Unconditional Love was Channeled from Spirit and layered with her own life experiences.


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