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Dont Just Lay On My Couch!

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Kelly Howard has worked in the intellectual and developmental disabilities field since 2001. Kelly is the CEO/owner of Behavior Services & Therapy, a behavioral health company providing behavior management, music therapy, recreational therapy and outpatient counseling in Northern Indiana. Kelly was a residential director when she first entered the field before transitioning to providing behavioral supports to Waiver recipients and finally to owning her own company in 2008. The state inspection agency supervisor lauded BST as “one of the best behavior providers;” and Kelly was requested by name to participate in Best Practices Functional Behavioral Assessment and Behavioral Support Plan Piloting Program that was developing new training curriculum and standards for all behaviorists in the state of Indiana. She’s a retired major in the United States Air Force Reserve having served 24 years combined active and reserve duty. Prior to retirement and while deployed to Southwest Asia, then Capt. Howard affected international change when the British Embassy requested their units follow the AUAB Undisclosed Location Policy Letter she wrote.

For more information visit her website.