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Jami's World of Wonders

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Jami is the Owner of and a Practitioner at WOW World of Wonders. She started out young, against the currents of her clime. A lifelong intuitive-empath, she learned she had an ability for healing, consoling, leading, guiding, helping others in the path they should go. She has always had a an understanding of her abilities, her connection to Spirit led her to knowing how to best use them for the greater good, highest outcome and the betterment of all. She is continually studying and eager to serve. It is this hunger to serve that has brought her to her community and opening a store. She works well with the healing arts and officiates readings. She welcomes visits over tea and believes in loving freely and openly. She believes that living Love and teaching others to do the same is the way to healing the planet, and all that dwell therein.
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