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Let Your Passion Take Over

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Let confidence be your guide

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My name is Kelli Schultz, I grew up in Harvey North Dakota. A town that had maybe 2 salons growing up. I never had the experience of visiting a salon growing up because my mom always did my hair. No she was not a hairstylist but she acted as if she was. Shes a very creative lady that passed down those creative bones to myself. I have never been afraid to try doing hair on my friends growing up. So after I graduated I had already known I wanted to do what I do now. So I went to school in South Dakota where they offer 2100 hrs which is the most hrs you can achieve. I decided that because I wanted the most experience necessary to play out my role as a hairstylist. I then was the first to graduate hairschool in my class, I got a job at Face to Face Salon in Jamestown right away. At this time we were the only salon in town that was full service. Which meant we did, Manicures, Pedicures, Massage Therapy, Electrolosys, Facials, Full body waxing, Hair services and Makeup Application. We were an Aveda Concept salon and because we were concept with Aveda, we were allowed to only carry 1 other product line on our shelf. Aveda was all natural products which is what we focused on. Nobody else in town carried what we had to offer within 100 miles. 3 yrs after I started we were published in the Glamour Magazine for being 1 of the best Full Service salons in the Midwest region. Through many interviews with glamour they decided to choose us because of what we had to offer. This salon has moved 3 times because of needing to expand to needing more parking for clients. Through years of expanding this town had also expanded within the salon industry. More services were offered and more salons opening. So we went from 7 stylists to just the salon owner and myself. So eventually we decided to utilize the space we had to use it full time instead of some of the services that were part time. When I say part time, I mean the luxury services as in pedicures, manicures, facials..I decided that when I took over I would only do hair services, makeup and facial waxing services only because those services are a need for most people. So when I decided to take over the salon, that is when we only offered those services and its been the best decision for all the stylists here. They are utilizing the space full time. Which means they are bringing in more money for themselves.So with getting rid of pedicure tubs and manicure tables and massage table, I was able to bring in more stylists to utilize the space available after we got rid of the other services. So now im working with 7 great stylists and 1 full time receptionist that takes all the calls and appointments for each of our stylists. I tell her she is the central nervous system to our anatomy. She keeps us booked by taking phone calls and appointments. So in all aspect. I am living my dream because of confidence from either my clients, my team I work with or if its my family, I am where I am because of them.

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