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Listening To Your Inner Guru

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Listening To Your Inner Guru

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I was born in Germany in 1966. I initially studied Graphic Design and Illustration. Through my study of the Japanese martial art Aikido I got interested more and more in spirituality. Through a number of trainings in the tradition of my teacher Agni Eickermann I grew more and more proficient in the art and science of energy work, which gradually became my main line of work. I moved with my wife MaRa to Florida in 2001 to offer our spiritual work there. We had a spiritual center called Shiva Dharma Center in St. Petersburg, FL from 2002 to 2013 . We moved to Santa Fe, NM in 2014. I work together with my wife MaRa Eickermann and my daughter Shiva at Shiva Dharma.

Shiva Dharma is a family business. My wife MaRa, who started this work before I came into it, trains spiritual consultants, spiritual teachers and spiritual masters and does spiritual life coaching and personal readings. Recently she started giving a shamanic training to introduce contemporary shamanism to the worId. It is called White Buffalo Woman – Golden Shamanism. I teach inner and outer martial art (Aikido, spiritual archery, Qi Gong) and do spiritual life coaching as well. Our daughter Shiva does personal readings in the form of so called Heaven Stories and she writes personal Power Poems. We specifically work with the chakras and the aura to help our clients grow into the people they want to be. Energy perception and energy change is at the core of every service that we offer.

I guess I am one of the people who still want to save the world. I realized, that the only way to “save the world” is by saving yourself, by growing into the person you want to be and by doing what you really came here to do. To discover your actual purpose in life takes time, devotion, courage, diligence and also healing. I think to offer people insights into their own path and to give people tools for inner growth that work, is one of the most important jobs in the world. And it is a blessing for me as well to be able to do this work.

I am currently preparing my first book for publication. The title is “The Nine Revelations – Listening to your inner guru”. I hope that this will give many people a better understanding, how pursuing your own spiritual path in the real world actually works. And I hope that the tools I provide in the book will help people to be happier and more accomplished human beings, who dare to pursue their own purpose with love every day.

We are also working on developing a holistic lifestyle program, which integrates nutrition, spirituality, holistic exercise and daily life.

Current offers for clients:

  • Spiritual life coaching (quick and sometimes surprising solutions for life’s challenges based on your personal energy)
  • Personal shamanic readings (your shamanic past and future)
  • Personal Heaven Story (the journey of your soul)
  • Personal Power Poem (the power of your soul in a personal poem)
  • Salt Healing (personalized healing salt treatment to help with physical, spiritual and emotional issues)
  • Personal Power Symbol called Amritamala (Recover a power from within that you find hard to apply)

For more information on CanSan and Shiva Dharma, please visit his website