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Our Beliefs Define Our Universe

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Learn how to navigate your subjective inner world

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Elly Roselle grew up in Colorado on a farm north of Denver Colorado. Her parents encouraged her to get a good education, to work hard and dream big. Right from her early teens Elly dreamed of being a psychiatrist to help people be happier – as well as becoming a musical composer, a clown and an Olympic athlete. During that same period she developed anorexia – at first, to stay slim and fit so her big dreams becoming an Olympic athlete could manifest in the future. This delusion morphed into a bad case of bulimia, an addiction to eating great quantities of food and purging. She went to many counselors and psychiatrists and psychologists and was hospitalized a few occasions to make sure she recovered from malnutrition. She continued through high school and into university with excellent grades but struggling daily with her eating disorder. She learned to live with it under wraps, always on the lookout for a cure. She studied Ericksonian Hypnosis, NLP, Huna, meditation, Feldenkrais, Virginia Satir, etc. – and spent time learning with a few private mentors in the fields of psychology and sociology. She met up with a small group of colleagues who were experimenting with changing behavior, using what they had learned and jamming into unknown areas and methods. She worked with a colleague to uncover a means to create threshold decisions – i.e. sudden and powerful realizations that cause a person to take a 180 degree turn in their life. One day in one of these experimental sessions she ‘accidentally’ found herself cured. It took several months for her to believe that she was actually cured but six months later she was still in the process of learning to eat normally without bingeing and purging. She began to reverse engineer what had been the true cause of her massive change. It became evident after some reflection that it was due to a major belief change that altered her profoundly in her very core. She had moved, at a very core level, from self-loathing and self-doubt to self-respect and self-love. The change had happened on mental, emotional, physical and spiritual levels.

Her outward personality had changed enough for people to be asking her what she had done to become so easy to be around and safe. When she told them, they begged her to try her untried technique on them or someone in their circle. She continued her studies and cautiously began her research on how to develop this uncharted technique so it could help others. She worked with volunteers for two years and offered pilot courses in belief change. Even in its early versions her belief change method produced amazing results. She went public with her Core Belief Engineering in 1985, having decided it was safe to go professional and teach courses as well as take on private clients. For the next 27 years she created and taught basic, intensive and advanced courses which trained and certified practitioners. Her College of Core Belief Engineering earned full accreditation from the Private Career Training Institution Association of British Columbia in 2006. Most of her students found their own calling and went on to other professions but some found CBE to be their own calling and are still practicing in Canada.

Currently Elly continues with her private practice and has semi-retired from teaching. Now she offers shorter courses in self-development and private mentoring and supervision of her still practicing students. She is working on another book and always open to taking on research cases to find how effective belief change work can be for transforming unhealthiness into healthiness. She is available for speaking engagements and guiding group personal development insightful encounters.

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