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Put the Power of Health Back In Your Hands

with Michelle Golany

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Helping People Through Natural Medicine

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Michelle Golany, Natural Medicine Practitioner, is the owner/operator of Trinity Natural Health Clinic. Michelle is passionate about helping others. She has been practicing for the last 10 years and loving every moment of it. Having struggled with and recovering from her own health concerns through natural medicine, she is dedicated to helping others who are also lost and confused as to what is happening and what to do. She believes that education is an important part of the remedy and that knowledge is power.

The best part of her training came when she met her mentor, world renowned naturopathic physician, Dr. Robert Cass ND, and began utilizing the knowledge that he has shared, and continues to share with her. That, and the use of his products, created a most welcome and radical shift in her practice and the way she does things today.

Michelle feels and believes that everything really does happen for a reason. And for that, she is most thankful that her health suffered as it brought her to where she is today, helping others. It’s an honor and a privilege.

Thank you for being here!

Michelle Golany
Natural Medicine Practitioner – Board of Natural Medicine Doctors and Practitioners – North America
EAV Practitioner – Academy of International Bioenergetic Sciences
Registered Massage Therapist – Natural Health Practitioners of Canada
Myofascial Release Practitioner – John F. Barnes’ Myofascial Release Approach
Practitioner of Humanitarian Service – World Organization of Natural Medicine

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