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Reawaken your Natural Resilience

with Judy Buchanan

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Reclaim your Resilience

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Judy is a Medical Reiki Master, Holy Fire III Reiki Teacher and Resiliency Coach. Her passion is to empower clients to reclaim serenity by safely releasing trauma, anxiety, grief and pain so they can feel better and thrive. As an avid seeker, she has been a student of holistic therapies for more than a decade and believes education is a fundamental means to empowering others. The first 20 years of her career Judy served in the Army as a Medical Service Corps Officer. Judy can relate to the stressors working parents, service members/first responders, and dual military couples experience. Like many other service members, she has been on both sides of deployment: the soldier who deployed and the family member at home taking care of the children while their spouse is away. For several years, Judy experienced significant health challenges due her response to high levels of stress. Illness and pain were the catalysts that led her to explore many holistic healing practices. Once she found Reiki, she knew immediately that she needed to learn Reiki and share this amazing therapy with others.  Reiki is such a gentle non-invasive therapy with no contraindications. Judy  provides Reiki treatments, Holy Fire III Reiki training, retreat support and building resilience lectures throughout her community. In addition, she has bachelor’s in social work (BSW) and a master’s in business administration (MBA). Making a difference  in the lives of others fills Judy’s heart with joy.

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