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Reveal Yourself Through Vulnerability

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Be Authentic and Listen to Your Intuition

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Gene Leonard is originally from Chicago, IL and currently lives in Los Angeles, CA. He is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and a 200 Hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher. He is the founder and owner of the company Unstoppable Greatness. He helps his clients with their fitness and health goals, but also inspires them to go after what they truly want and see for themselves in life. One of his favorite questions he asks a new client or friend is, if you could do anything you wanted in the entire world and only be successful, there would be no failure what would you do? When they answer he knows this is their purpose and true passion, but most have excuses as to why they can not do this. He helps them to realize and see that they can.

His backstory is quite profound surviving two suicide attempts. Doing every drug except crystal meth. Accidentally overdosing on heroin. Surviving an 85 mph car crash, causing a herniated disc in his L-5. Going to rehab for one month, and spending his 23rd Birthday and 6 months in Jail. All of these choices he made at a young age really built him into the man he is today. He loves life and is very grateful for it and lives everyday to the fullest. He moves everyday from doing yoga and a 20 meditation in the morning to training in the early evening and doing a 20 minute meditation before bed every night. He typically trains anywhere between 3-4 people a day and is building an online client database. He wakes up at 4:30am and is usually in bed around 8 to 8:30pm. He believes anyone is capable of achieving any goal or vision they have set in their lifetimes. What you have to do is focus your energy on what you want to achieve, stay consistent, and then go make it happen. For no one is going to make anything happen in your life but you. He is very exciting to be on Elevated Radio FM and get a chance to share his story, business, and interesting life topics on this platform.

Lastly he Inspires everyone to:

Be Yourself, Believe in Yourself, and Remain Unstoppable!

–Gene Leonard

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