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Rock Your Chakras with Hydr02ga

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Sharing Energetic Metaphysical Information

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Phyllis Tucker was raised in a rural Iowa farming community. Her family worked as a dedicated unit to reach the goals of farming: planting, nurturing, growing and supporting the care of people, plants and animals. She mentally and spiritually realized at a very young age that these farm life lessons of taking care of self, family and community are essential to life. This realization took her on the lifelong adventure of studying human beings and their relationship to these three essentials of life through Human Services. Phyllis’s decades of human service have involved providing professional services as a visiting community facilitator with Catholic Charities, Northeast Home Health Care, Area Residential Care, System’s Unlimited, and Touch of Love. This was her private home care service that provided the first hospice in Estes Park. She had the joy of creating and operating Turtle Hill’s People’s Place, a private camp for kids with and without obvious special needs.

The past thirty years she has experienced the wonder of the Healing arts through a private practice and as a professional educator in the field of wellness. Natural Healing with Phyllis is a private practice that provides the tools of naturopathic medicine, as well as education in the field of the healing arts. A new curriculum, the EMP (emotional, mental and physical) Overlay Techniques for the Healing Arts, authored by Phyllis Tucker, is being offered to graduates of an accredited wellness school. The tools of Naturopathic medicine that are applied include energetic modalities, Spectro- Chrome color therapy, nutrition, therapeutic massage techniques, herbology and HydrO2ga. HydrO2ga is a deep-water therapeutic movement creation that allows the opportunity to share energetic metaphysical information in a fun and easy format with sessions called Rock Your Chakras with HydrO2ga, in or out of the water.

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