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Find Out What Heaven is Really Like!

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Christina is known to thousands as the spiritual communicator who passed away in a car accident and returned with messages for humanity.  She is also known as a “world-renowned” Spiritual Intuitive Medium who uses a specific sensitive, healing approach for delivering messages from the other side.

Her clients are family to her and if you ask any one of them, which she encourages, they will admit to the efficacy of this method. Christina recently became an Executive Producer for Creative Laughter Productions and not only has her own TV Show in the works but this path has increased her ability to find and help children who need mentoring with their gift(s). Over six years ago, she created the “Mystic Healer School” which is a global training academy that mentors and teaches gifted kids to take hold of their personal missions by exploring their gifts fully.  She is deemed by hundreds as a modern day prophet who is committed to aiding humanity to do better and adjust their paths to the greater good of man.  This mission is fueled by love, grace, and a desire to make sure that the messages she returned to Earth with in 2009 are heard by thousands.

Many seek her assistance with homicide cases, cold cases, missing person cases, lost/stolen animal cases where she consults law enforcement and families in the search for answers. She is what the spirit world calls a “tracker.” This simply means she is able to track the last steps a soul took before going missing.  She is the ONLY Spirit Communicator in the world known to communicate with ICU coma patients. She can communicate with the living AND the dead. She prides herself on integrity and love which shine through when she connects to a Soul’s Spirit. As the receiver of the messages given, she is able to authentically bring you into conversation with your loved one once again and also be able to describe what they are doing now on their soul journey since their passing, since she was able to retain all the images and experiences upon her arrival back from crossing over.