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Transformation Required Now!

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Empowering the Spirit, clearing the lessons, while Ascending with Gaia to 5D

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Kathleen Dean is a clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairaudient and identical twin. She has seen energies around all living things since her earliest memories. She was given the gift of “downloads,” of “seeing” peoples past lives from their Akashic Records as well.

Her credits include: The National Registry of Past Life Regressionists, she is a nationally Certified Master and Clinical Hypnotherapist, a Registered Behavioral Therapist, an NLP Practitioner, she is Licensed in the Callahan Technique of Thought Field Therapy(R), a Diagnostician, practitioner and Instructor. She is an acupuncturist and practicing master of multiple ancient healing arts. She is an Author, Life/ Divorce Coach, and Texas Family Mediator and International Instructor. Additionally, she has been a film actress, as well as a national spokesperson for multiple organizations on radio and in films.

She has spent two decades traveling worldwide in the study and subsequent practice with masters, physicians and Indigenous elders from North and South America. Having lived in China, studying with global Qui Gong masters, she has a rare combination of healing and teaching gifts. Kathleen’s results-oriented methods and techniques, combined with individual and corporate performance training and seminars, have appealed to thousands. She has the unique ability to engage her clients to connect, inspire and activate spirit within themselves for optimal health and achievement.

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