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Trust Your Gut

with Elizabeth Eckert

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Tap into your gut's inner guidance system

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Elizabeth Eckert is a functional nutrition practitioner who can help you discover a place of balanced wellness, learn to trust your gut’s inner knowing, and find an authentic connection with your creativity and joy. She says, “I’m fascinated with the interplay between gut health, mineral balance, metabolism, and mood. I want you to be able to tap into your gut’s inner guidance system. It’s hard to trust a gut that’s driven by dysfunction.” Utilizing objective data from functional lab testing and your own unique history, we develop individualized programs that bring about a sense of physiological balance and peace.

Elizabeth draws into your experience a diverse background that includes academic degrees in music, developmental psychology, and energy medicine. Her professional experience includes ten years as an administrator in the production department of a major opera company and 25 years as a neuromuscular massage therapist bringing mechanical balance to persons with pain and soft tissue dysfunction. Additional areas of in-depth training include medical intuition, outdoor skills and tracking, martial arts, breathwork, and Tellington TTouch for companion animals (mainly dogs). Each discipline adds its own unique color to the matrix that informs our options.

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