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Vibrational Frequencies

with Dr. Susan E. Brooks

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Thursday 11:30 am 12:00 pm

Intention, energy, vibrational frequencies, belief, hope, joy, and unconditional love

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I have worked as a Social Worker for over 25 years with a MSW, LCSW, and now a Psychology Phd. Working as a case manager and discharge planner in hospitals, rehab units, and mental health facilities for more than 10 years, I changed course and began working as a Hospice Social Worker, which I have done over 14 years.

I offer Craniosacral Therapy for physical, emotional, and spiritual distress, proves to be optimally beneficial to those receiving treatment. Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle hands on approach to balancing the whole person and removing energy restrictions throughout. The Crystals and Gemstones often used in the treatments enhance the process and accelerate the benefits. The Crystals seem to enhance the Craniosacral as does the Cranial seem to enhance the Crystals and Gemstones. By using the correct tools to balance and realign the body, the body may be relieved of stress and distress.

Hopefully I can continue to help people not only as a Social Worker but also with Craniosacral Therapy and Crystal Healing. My passion is helping others with all the tools and skills I have available.

It is all about intention, energy, vibrational frequencies, belief, hope, joy, and unconditional love.