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Wellness Model for Seniors in their Home

with Gigi Desouki

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Integrative approach to healthy aging in your home

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Gigi is the Founder and CEO of Wellness On Wheels, Inc. a Health Care Management company that provides Care Coordination, mobile Concierge Medical and Integrative Medicine services. Gigi began her career in Health Care Management and International Health in the early 80’s and by 1995 she realized that the industry had taken a turn more towards financial gains versus quality non-fragmented patient care.

Gigi holds a Bachelor of Arts from Northwestern University and a Masters of Health Care Administration from George Washington University. She has over 30 years of experience in the health care industry and as a result has gained the respect and continued support of many factions of the medical community, corporate and senior communities for her compassion, vision and commitment to delivering quality care to families and their loved ones.

For more information visit her website and Facebook page